About The Baking Saffa

Hi, my name is Kim and I am The Baking Saffa. Here's a little about my story and how my bakery started.


Born and raised in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, after doing a course in Food and Beverage and a Bartending course, I ventured out into the world to the excitement of London in 2002.  Creativity has always been the bone to my structure, inspiring me to always try out new things, whether it be drawing, baking or even crocheting. The baking, stickers, cards, website and photography you see have all been crafted and produced by myself.

After learning to crochet in 2008, I created a business (Kims Colourway) selling wonderful gifts all year round as well as at the local Christmas markets. I support local charity foundations and hospitals by making and donating much-needed blankets for the elderly and sick. As a token of appreciation, you may find a crocheted surprise with your order, which is made by me. Anything that you see in my photos that look crocheted, are also made by me and I might also sell these items right here from time to time.

I was asked by a friend in 2019 who has her own baking business to help her with making ‘koeksisters‘ which is a traditional South African delicacy where fried dough is infused in syrup. Jumping at this opportunity, and reigniting my love for baking, I gained experience and inspiration in baking South African traditional goodies. She then asked me to supply her shop with Hertzoggies and from there I decided to open my own bakery.

My 2 teenage children and husband, who are very supportive in both my businesses, are my inspiration and motivation for baking lovely food for you in my humble kitchen. They love being the taste testers and give my bakes the thumbs up! They all help me in many ways so The Baking Saffa is really a family run bakery. My daughter is doing Hospitality and Catering as a GSCE and already has her Food Allergen certificate.

As for me, I am registered as a home baker with my local council and am awaiting my inspection. I have a Food Allergen Certificate, Level 1 and Level 2 in Food Hygiene and Safety. I am currently working on Level 3 in Food Hygiene and Safety.

I hope you enjoy anything and everything you buy from my bakery based in Dartford, Kent.