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Baking with heart: A humble contribution to an event

In October, our small baking business had the honour of participating in something genuinely significant for a second year. It was a privilege to commit our time and energy once more to create 700 individually wrapped treats for the Anti Racist Cumbria Annual Summit. This experience not only reinforced our commitment to baking but also allowed us to contribute to a cause we deeply believe in, all while quietly showcasing our work to the public.

The Preparation:

Such a large-scale project needs careful planning and painstaking preparation. The treats needed to be delicious and suitable for a tea-time treat - one for the morning and one for the afternoon. We decided on Date Squares and South African Crunchies, in an attempt to satisfy the wide range of diverse palates among the summit attendees.

To meet the demands of baking 700 treats, we ordered ingredients in bulk and had our kitchen in pristine condition. With our carefully selected vibrant packaging, we hoped our treats would bring a touch of brightness to every recipient, reflecting the significance of the Anti Racist Cumbria Summit and its message.

The Event:

Since Cumbria is a little far away from Kent, we were unable to attend the event ourselves, but it was wonderful to follow the social media updates throughout the day. I only wish we could have been present to witness the joy on people's faces when they were given their delicious delicacy to go with their tea or coffee.

Above are just some of the treats made (definitely not all 700!!)


Baking 700 individually wrapped treats for the Anti-Racist Cumbria Summit was a testament to our dedication and commitment, not just to our craft but to a cause we wholeheartedly support. Thank you so much to Anti Racist Cumbria for allowing us to be a part of the event.

If you're reading this and have an event on the horizon that could benefit from our humble contribution, please consider reaching out. We're here to transform your gatherings into memorable moments, one bite at a time, with a heart full of gratitude for the opportunity to make a difference.

You can read more about what Anti Racist Cumbria do on their website HERE.


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