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Hier Kom Die Bokke!

It's very hard to come across a South African that doesn't know that the World Rugby Cup is happening right now in France.

The Boks played their first game last weekend against Scotland and it's safe to say that the Boks defeated the Scots with the final scores of 18 - 3.

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So in honour of the rugby, I thought I'd write this blog post showing you some products that I thought were a good find and some are perfect for the rugby match days!

I absolutely love these colouring books made by Sloane Baxter which are available on Amazon through their print on demand service. The covers are so vibrant and if you have seen on our social accounts, we have given quick glimpses of some of the beautiful images inside the books that you can colour in. These books are sure to keep the children busy while you have a lekker braai on match days.

Here are the links to the books -- The original Volume 1 and the latest Volume 2.

If you aren't sure what to wear for those rugby days and just can't face the dilemma over the ruby shirts (don't get me started on that one!) then head over to the Kwagga Clothing website where you will find an extensive range of the absolute best t-shirts you will find! It's difficult to just choose one so why not buy a few?

Scatterlings UK has so many different items in their Etsy shop, I'm sure you could find something for everyone! Here is my top find from their shop - the perfect apron for the braaimaster.

There used to be days long ago where finding biltong and droewors was so difficult in the UK, but now you can order it from so many small South African businesses (such as Smally's), South African shops and even on Amazon! You will definitely need some snacks for the rugby!

Speaking of snacks - you know you need to get some from us, here at The Baking Saffa. We have all sorts such as crunchies, fudge, hertzoggies, date squares, coconut ice, rusks and more! Head back to our shop page to place your order and we will get it out to you as soon as we can.

Don't forget to get yourself a flag to hang out your window, wave around as you run down the streets or wrap around yourself to show your support for the Bokke! Click here to get your own 5ft x 3ft flag (152 x 91cm).

I hope you enjoy the rest of the Rugby World Cup 2023. The next game is South Africa vs Romania on 17 September. My family and I will definitely be rooting for Die Bokke of course!

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